Wildlife Wednesday: New Birds Join the Beautiful Flock at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


    The Disney Parks Blog announced five new bird species that have been added to the aviary at the Pangani Forest. The five new bird species (and Disney Parks Blog descriptions) are as follows:

    • Bronze Mannikins – has flecks of shimmery bronze embedded in its feathers. These birds are commonly found in most parts of Africa south of the Sahara Desert.
    • Cut-throat Finches – males have a distinctive red slash on their necks, while females lack the markings. Flocks of these finches stretch across northern Africa from Senegal and Gambia all the way to Sudan. They have even been found as far south as Mozambique.
    • Lavender Waxbills – they have a touch of light pearl grey, almost lavender coloring of their feathers. These birds have a unique song that consists of one short, high-pitched burst followed by one long, deeper hum. (Think of a slide whistle.) They are found in central and western Africa—from Senegal, to Cameroon and Chad.
    • Pintail and Paradise Whydah – they are speckled, tawny colored birds with interesting patterns covering their heads and backs. Males of both species have extremely long black tails in the breeding season which they use in their courtship displays. In the non-breeding season males resemble the browner striped females. These birds reside in southern and east Africa and “parasitize” the nests of other finches—that is, they lay their eggs in the nests of other finches instead of building their own, and they let the host birds raise their young.

    These five species join the 29 total species of birds in the Pangani Forest aviary.