WDWThemeParks.com Site Update


Visitors to WDWThemeParks.com can now see our fully updated site. Nearly all of the old functionality and content has returned with many subtle enhancements. We believe the new site will be more mobile friendly and a new emphasis is placed on our bread and butter: The Rumor Trackers.

The site redesign took over a year to complete off and on and behind the scenes. Much of the benefit is back end related but we certainly hope the front end improvements enhance the overall ease of use on the site. Special thanks and credit for the redesign goes to Linda Nel at Kode88. Her efforts made the redesign possible, and she didn’t balk at the unforeseen complications.

Additionally, Jonathan Heigl has continued to provide additional assistance and guidance on both an aesthetic and technical level on the legacy site and the new site.

Lastly, the original co-creator of the site, Robert Larouche offered additional guidance along the way and as recently as this morning. His site, WDWClub.com features a great selection of Walt Disney World desktop wallpaper.

Together, we hope you appreciate the updated site and we welcome any and all feedback you may have.

Tim Grassey

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