Updates During Most Recent Typhoon Lagoon Refurbishment


OrlandoParksNews.com detailed all of the enhancements done at Typhoon Lagoon during it's recent refurbishment. They were as follows:

  • Surf Pool – Drained and resurfaced, changes to the two lifeguard stands
  • Directional Signage and Park Maps – Improved directional signage throughout the park and new in park maps.
  • New Park-Entry Signs – New Park entry sign added to the main entrance
  • Keelhaul Falls – Shades and fans have been added to the queue
  • Palms Dining – Fans and Misters added
  • Self-Serve Locker Rentals – Upgrades to the technology that change the visible line of sight to the rental screens.
  • High N Dry Rentals – Clam-Shell beds are available for rent. Each bed features a tucked away beach and drink table
  • Crush 'N Gusher – Lighting has been added to allow for nighttime riding.