Tomorrowland Arcade Official Closes


The Tomorrowland Arcade had it's last day of operation on February 9, 2015. Originally reported here, the arcade is closing and the games redistributed to other arcades on Disney property.

The change is believed to be the result of vagaries in a 2013 law concerning the use of internet cafes. The law specifies that people cannot win more than 75 cents worth of prizes for every game played, and the games have to be operated by coins. Disney arcades utilize a card system, however speculation is that they fear litigation. Both Chuck E Cheeses and Dave and Busters have faced litigation based on this new law.

In order to facilitate games that have been removed as a result of this law, Disney is distributing the games inside the Tomorrowland Arcade to arcades at the following locations:

  • Disney's Contemporary Resort
  • All Star Sports Resort
  • All Star Movies Resort
  • Pop Century Resort
  • Art of Animation Resort