The Haunted Mansion Show Change


    The interactive queue for the attraction opened with the following enhancements

    • Guests can chose to go directly to the attraction (right) or enter through the graveyard (left)
    • A family of busts appears at the entrance of the Graveyard section of the queue.
    • The headstones for Marc Davis and X. Atencio were moved into a fenced off in the New Graveyard
    • The remaining original headstones appear right before the entrance to the attraction.
    • A double side relief wall features three dimensional instruments on one side and three dimensional elements from the Museum of the Weird concept on the other. The three dimensional items produce sounds when touched.
    • A Ravenscroft organ also functions based on a guest touching the keys.
    • A separate plot for Master Gracey is fenced off in the area
    • A large watery grave for Captain Culpepper Clive. This grave features water effects and sound effects. When one of the “leaks” is plugged a new one forms.
    • A large bookshelf features books that slide in and out. Guest can push the books back in and new books pop out. The spines of some of the books include a cryptogram that reads:
      • Welcome home you foolish mortal,
        this mansion is your mystic portal,
        where eerie sights and spooky sounds,
        fill these happy haunting grounds.
    • An interactive rhyming book that talks to guests and asks them to complete a rhyming phrase