The Haunted Mansion Major Refurbishment


    The Haunted Mansion underwent a major refurbishment that featured multiple show changes.

    • The exterior facade was repainted
    • The awning over the queue was changed from a green covering to a maroon covering
    • The stretch room audio was changed significantly. Additional speakers were added to give the effect that the “Ghost Host” floats around the room. The stretching of the room is now accented with additional creeking noises and after guests see the lightening strike and subsequent crash, a new line of dialogue is spoken by the “Ghost Host” as well, “I didn’t mean to frighten you prematurely.”
    • In the previous version, paintings with eyes that seemed to follow the doom buggies were featured in the first hallway of the ride. These paintings were moved to the load area.
    • In the first hallway, the original paintings were replaced with windows on the left side and new paintings on the right side. Every few seconds there is a lightning strike visible through the windows, and when the lightning strikes the images on the paintings changes to one that’s more frightening.
    • The scene that previously featured large spiders was replaced with a new scene that features M.C. Escher style staircases. These staircases are arranged in a variety of different directions and feature footprints as well as candlelight effects as well.
    • The seance room features an enhanced Madame Leota ball. The ball now floats above the table and can move both horizontally and laterally.
    • The attic scene received substantial modifications. There are now multiple groupings of “riches”, each accented by a photo of the new murderous bride, Constance with one of her husbands. As the Doom Buggy travels through the scene each grouping gets larger, and guests can see that the heads of each of her husbands disappears in sync with one another. At the end of the scene, Constance appears spouting a series of phrases that all end with an axe appearing in her hands. The phrases include, “I do, I do, I did” and “Till death… do us part.”
    • In the graveyard scene the audio has been dramatically enhanced. Additionally, the pop up ghosts have been minimized and the focus is on the music.