Spaceship Earth Major Refurbishment: Judy Dench


    During this refurbishment nearly every show scene received an upgrade. The show changes included:

    • Narrator changed to Dame Judy Dench
    • Script changed
    • Audio Animatronic enhancements
    • Dawn of Man scene received substantial upgrades
    • Cave Painting scene featured moving images on cave walls
    • Rise and Fall of Rome scene saw the removal of the horse projection on the street
    • Printing Press scene saw the paperboy turned away from the vehicles
    • New Scene: Family watches Neil Armstrong Land on the Moon
    • New Scene: Mainframe computer
    • New Scene: Invention of the Personal Computer
    • The descent of the attraction now features an interactive game where guests have their heads placed on a cartoon body and they are allowed to select their vision of the future

    Intermittent soft openings/previews began on December 7, 2007 ahead of the official re-opening on February 15, 2008.