Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Major Refurbishment


    End date is unconfirmed. Updates to the Great Ceremonial House and guest rooms are anticipated. Changes to the rooms will include a Pacific Ocean-inspired color palette as well as details, patterns and textures from Disney’s “Moana.” Select areas of the resort remained open during the refurbishment.

    • Beginning September 28th the front desk will be relocated to a temporary area in the Pago Pago building.
    • The monorail station will close November 2nd and it is expected to remain closed until mid-July 2021.
    • Kona Cafe, Moana Mercantile, Tambu Lounge, and Pineapple Lanai will modify their operational hours beginning October 4th but will remain open during the refurbishment.
    • The villas and bungalows will remain open during the refurbishment while the main hotel will be closed.