Theft Reported at Former Cranium Command Attraction


Multiple outlets have reported that a theft has taken place at the extinct Cranium Command attraction. The attraction, located in the Wonders of Life Pavilion, has remained largely intact over the years with multiple urban explorers and cast members sneaking backstage for photos.

Photos from earlier this year revealed that animatronics of both the main character Buzzy and the Hypothalamus robot were still in place, but recent reports indicate both animatronics have been removed.

The only theft that has been confirmed publicly is "clothing" from Buzzy, however images have leaked that show both Buzzy and the Hypothalamus were removed from the attraction.

Patrick Allen Spikes (Also known by his former Twitter handles @BackDoorDisney, @BDDWillNeverDie, @WhereTFIsBuzzy) was arrested around the time the animatronics went missing. He was questioned and his house was reportedly searched but nothing related to the theft was found. Ultimately his arrest record indicates a charge of resisting arrest without violence.

Officially the clothing was reported stolen on August 8th and a suspect (Spikes) was questioned on December 19th. Rumored weight specifications for the Buzzy figure range from 300-600 lbs indicating removal would involve multiple people.

While unlikely, some fans have speculated the animatronic figures were removed by someone within the company who feared they would be destroyed. However, images of the Buzzy animatronic appeared online earlier in the year with a "Do Not Remove" tag.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.