Star Wars Land Timelines and Project Details

143 provided an update and additional details on Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland. While the construction timetable may vary slightly, it is expected that the majority of components related to the Star Wars project will be very similar. The update reports:

  • Demolition will begin in early 2016. The working WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) codename for the demolition is "Project Delos".
  • Construction will begin later in 2016. The working WDI codename for the construction is "Project Atlantis".
  • The largest show building will be home to the "Stormtrooper chase and escape" ride with the WDI codename "Alcatraz". It will feature autonomous trackless ride vehicles as well as, "nearly every other techno marvel WDI can throw at it."
  • The second largest show building will be home to the "Millennium Falcon attraction with the WDI codename "Big Bird".
  • The buildings are expected to be framed by early 2017.
  • The project is expected to be completed by Spring 2019.

We have updated our Star Wars Land Rumor Tracker to reflect these changes. For more information on all of the changes coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios, refer to our Disney's Hollywood Studios Rumor Tracker.