Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Land Details


The Orange County Register shared details of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge after seeing the blueprints of the Disneyland version (descriptions are of the Disneyland version and text is lifted directly from the article):

  • Guests coming in from Fantasyland will first see a First Order performance stage and other props. Those entering from the west side see a verdant forest, a Jedi star ship and other props from the Resistance movement.
  • As park-goers work their way toward the middle of the area, they could walk inside a cantina – similar to the Mos Eisley from the films – and order a soft drink from a bartender manning a U-shaped bar and sit down in booths, and table tops while listening to an audio-animatronic DJ or band on a stage.
  • And in the large ride that will anchor Galaxy’s Edge, new villain Kylo Ren could make an appearance.
  • Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Land Layout: Galaxy’s Edge is split into two sides with a hub or conflict zone in the middle. The Resistance or Rebels are on the west side of the land lined with hundreds of lush trees and forest. The First Order appears to have a performance stage and other props on the east side. The Millennium Falcon and the second, unnamed ride occupy much of the north side of the land, while the middle serves as the trading port’s hub with a merchant area and marketplace.
  • First Order Ride: The building bears the code name “Alcatraz” in documents. It is a massive structure that nearly takes up nearly a quarter of Galaxy’s Edge. The plans reveal that inside, visitors will hop aboard an eight-person ride vehicle piloted by an astromech droid. Visitors will weave through projection scenes depicting a major space battle, elaborate props such as AT ATs, gunners, and a possible encounter with Kylo Ren (nicknamed Kylo-Vator in plans) before leaving in an escape pod. There are 18 scenes in total.
  • Flying the Falcon: Dubbed “Big Bird” in plans, the Millennium Falcon is 100-feet across. Inside, the ride has a pre-show room before guests go into one of what appear to be four turntable rooms. Pictures previously released by Disney show six passengers boarding a ship that allows them to pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. Trowbridge, the Disney Imagineer, has previously said If a visitor does a good job flying the ship, that person will receive some kind of galactic credit. If a guest leaves the ship banged up, a bounty might be placed on the visitor’s head.
  • Cantina: Located directly across from the Millennium Falcon ride, the plan for the Cantina is nearly similar to the Mos Eisley in the movies. According to plans, the cantina will feature a U-shaped bar, booths, and tables. A stage will feature audio-animatronic performs, perhaps the Rex droid as the DJ as Disney officials previously announced.
  • Merchant's Row: One of the features of the trading post is merchants’ row. One store that stands out was labeled “Saber.” Will there be a shop selling specifically Light Sabers? Plans for the building show six-story-high rocky spires fronting a one-story retail building with interior space about half the size of a football field. All the store fixtures will be themed to look like aged and distressed metal.
  • Droids: Disney executives have already hinted that droids will populate the land. They’ve been testing a J4KE or Jake Droid the past year at Disneyland. According to the plans, droids dominate the area. Droid charging stations will be located throughout the land and there also will be a droid mechanic shop.
  • Landspeeder Garage: There’s an area in Star Wars land, outside of a restaurant, that’s marked “land speeder garage,” with props of various parked space crafts.
  • The Restaurant: Documents reveal that there appears to be one large sit-down and table service restaurant. The restaurant – yet to be named or themed – appears in the middle of the land. Based on plans, it appears to be larger than the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Orange County Register also posted a photo showing the layout of the Disneyland version of the land. The expectation is the Hollywood Studios version would share a very similar layout. user marni1971 clarified several details on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge following the Orange County Register article:

  • There is a pair of "Kylo-vators". They aren't the main level change elevators.
  • Even though there are 18 scenes to the battle attraction, the ride doesn't begin until scene 8.
  • The Millennium Falcon prop is 80 feet wide and 100 feet nose to tail. This is not part of the ride or the preshow.
  • The "U shaped bar" is the Quick Service Restaurant not the Table Service Restaurant. The Table Service Restaurant is the Cantina. The Quick Service will have outdoor seeting.
  • There will be a build a lightsaber store, a build a droid shop, and seven other merchandise locations, from shops to carts in the village. The Battle Escape/Alcatraz attraction also has two carts.
  • Restrooms are at either end of the village (the Falcon end of the land). In Orlando additional restrooms are the existing ones outside Muppet Vision 3-D and the Toy Story Land block on the other side of the berm.