Space Mountain Post Show Reopens With Moving Walkway Removed


The post show for Space Mountain has been closed to guests for several months while work was done in the area. The exit area reopened today with the moving walkway removed and additional changes to the area.

The show scenes remain but the final section of the exit that was previously home to video monitors that showed passing guests in various outer space scenes were removed in favor of a larger room with switchbacks. That area was previously steeper but the moving walkway made it more manageable for guests. The ramps are now less steep but there are more of them required to change the elevation. The exit also terminates deeper into the Space Mountain exit gift shop. posted several photos of the changes.

The below video is used with permission from the YouTube channel Virtual Disney World. These videos allow users to manipulate the camera a full 360 degrees using their cursor or directional arrows on their computer. Users on a smartphone or tablet can also manipulate the camera by moving their device in the direction they wish to look.