Soarin’ Around the World Debuts in Epcot’s The Land Pavilion


Today Disney officially opened Soarin' Around the World at Epcot. The attraction features landscapes and scenery from around the world and retains the original Patrick Warburton pre-show. Additionally all three theaters are now open.

Our full attraction page for Soarin' Around the World can be found here. The full detail of locations can be found below:

Matterhorn Mountain/Swiss Alps, Switzerland: The attraction begins in the clouds before flying over the real life version of Matterhorn Mountain in the Swiss alps. A small cloud transitions into the next scene.

Glacier Landscape, Greenland: The view flies over ice flows as a polar bear dives into the water. Another pair of polar bears walk on a different ice flow as a glacier calves in the background. A whale suddenly breaches out of the water, splashing the screen and transitioning into the next scene.

Sydney Harbor: Numerous sailboats circle Sydney Harbor with the nearby Sydney Opera House visible along the left side. A plane flies into view transitioning into the next scene.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany: The view flies through the German Alps towards historic Neuschwanstein Castle. A look towards the sun transitions into the next scene.

Plains of Africa: Mt. Kilimanjaro can be seen in the background as the view flies slowly above a heard of elephants. One elephant is taking a dust bath and a trunk spray of dust transitions into the next scene.

Great Wall of China: Flying low over The Great Wall of China, the view just misses people walking along the wall before transitioning into the next scene.

Pyramids of Egypt: Flying through the desert, the pyramids emerge and the view passes just over the top before a dust cloud transitions into the next scene.

Taj Mahal: The view follows a bird over the reflecting pool of the Taj Mahal before flying slowly over the top of the iconic dome. The dome fades into a hot air balloon transitioning into the next scene.

The Grand Canyon / Monument Valley: A large group of hot air balloons line the landscape of monument valley as the view slowly navigates the landscape. A look to the sky transitions to the next scene.

Fiji: Waves crash onto the tropical beaches of Fiji as the view travels over boats in the water transitioning into the next scene.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil: The view continues over rushing water as the Iguazu Falls emerge. The mist from the waterfall transitions into the next scene.

Eiffel Tower, Paris: The view of Paris at night appears with the Eiffel Tower lit up in the background. The view moves to a light at the top of the Eiffel Tower, transitioning to the final scene.

Epcot, Walt Disney World: The view continues as the iconic Spaceship Earth can be seen in the distance. Tinkerbell appears along the left side of the screen much in the same way she appeared in the finale scene of the original attraction. Fireworks go off and a hidden Mickey is formed using Spaceship Earth as the head and fireworks as the mouse ears. Fireworks continue as a final blast ends the attraction.

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The below video is used with permission from the YouTube channel Circle Vision 360. These videos allow users to manipulate the camera a full 360 degrees using their cursor or directional arrows on their computer. Users on a smartphone or tablet can also manipulate the camera by moving their device in the direction they wish to look.