Skipper’s Cantina’ Coming to Adventureland

187 has provided more details on the story we posted in January.

The Adventureland Veranda has been closed since 1994 and has only re-opened seasonally since that time. It is believed that it will be re-opening later this year as a Jungle Cruise themed restaurant called "Skipper's Cantina". The restaurant is expected to be counter service for lunch and table service for dinner.

The goal is to have the restaurant opened by November 2015.

In March, the menus and locations for Aloha Isle and the Sunshine Tree Terrace are expected to switch. It is anticipated that this move would be a precursor to the current Aloha Isle location being used as part of this restaurant. This would mean that menu items from Sunshine Tree Terrace such as the Citrus Swirl may soon become unavailable.