Windtraders is the primary retail location inside Pandora: The World of AVATAR. Inside, guests can purchase a selection of merchandise inspired by the land and the AVATAR movie.

A section known as the Rookery inside Windtraders features interactive banshee puppets that guests can purchase. The puppets come in 10 different styles and are controlled with a handheld remote. Each puppet can move their mouth, head, and wings.

Also available, are the custimizeable ACE Avatar Makers. Guests can have their faces scanned and a miniature Na’vi Avatar created of themselves.

The shop was a former facility for the Resources Development Administration (RDA) before being converted into a shop featuring offerings from Pandora.


  • Joe Rohde: Portfolio Creative Executive Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Zsolt Hormay: Creative Executive Walt Disney Imagineering (Rockwork)
  • Stefan Hellwig: Executive Creative Director Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Matt Beiler: Producer Walt Disney Imagineering
  • James Cameron: Lightstorm Entertainment (Writer/Director AVATAR)
  • Jon Landau: Lightstorm Entertainment (Prodcuer AVATAR)
  • Richie Baneham: Lightstorm Entertainment