Island Mercantile



Island Mercantile is a large souvenir shop that offers a variety of different products. The interior shop features toys, plush, hats and other more generic Walt Disney World merchandise. Other items include pins, photo albums, and snacks as well as a smaller selection of Animal Kingdom specific merchandise available as well.

The fixtures and colors of the shop extend the rustic color scheme found throughout Discovery Island. The colors changed from the former vibrant color scheme present in Discovery Island prior to 2015.

Like many of the buildings in Discovery Island, the selection of animals is specific to Island Mercantile. The animals featured in the displays are all migratory and include whales, wildebeests, ants and bees.

Outside of the shop and across from the Tip Board there are pin trading kiosks and other souvenir stands that all operate as part of Island Mercantile.


The exterior color scheme changed with the rest of Discovery Island in 2015.