House of Good Fortune



The House of Good Fortune is an expansive and unique store offering a wide selection of merchandise made in and inspired by the country of China.

The main entrance to this ornately themed shop is flanked by a pair of lion statues by the door. As guests walk through the expansive store they see unique lighting, a leaf print carpet, unique features in the molding and additional Chinese themed decor.

Merchandise offerings a vast and usually unique. Items range from the standard shirts and plush (albeit not the staple Disney characters) all the way to Jewelry and Decorative Fans. A fragrance area offers candles and other strong smelling items. Guests looking to have their own Zen Garden can also find offerings in this store to meet that need.

Other distinctly Chinese items include lanterns, bags, tea sets, vases and a wide assortment of items related to Giant Pandas.

The shop includes the indoor portion near the Lotus Blossom Cafe, the outdoor carts across from the main entrance and the covered section towards the back of the pavilion.


The House of Good Fortune was formerly known as the Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store, but underwent a name change during it’s refurbishment in February and March of 2011. It was also known as Bountiful Harvest.