Updates Coming to Living with the Land?





    Blue Sky

    Living With the Land is expected to receive an update at some point after 2021. Details are minimal.


    May 28, 2019: WDWNT.com is reporting that The Land Pavilion and The Seas Pavilion are set to be demolished in the 2024-2026 time frame. WDWMagic.com users Magic Feather and marni1971 are reporting that both pavilions are set to receive updates in that time frame but not be demolished.

    March 21, 2017: WDWMagic.com user MagicFeather is reporting that the expected likelihood of projects taking place in Epcot is as follows:

    • Mission: SPACE update/refurbishment
    • Ratatouille attraction in the France Pavilion
    • Guardians of the Galaxy attraction replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure
    • Small attraction addition to the United Kingdom Pavilion
    • First new country in World Showcase (Likely Brazil)
    • Living with the Land/The Land Pavilion refurbishment
    • Second new country in World Showcase (Likely Spain)

    February 12, 2017: WDWMagic.com user marni1971 is reporting that The Land is due for an overhaul “next decade”. Living with the Land will receive changes and Circle of Life will be replaced.