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    As part of the construction of the TRON Lightcycle Power Run, the Tomorrowland Speedway underwent minor changes to the track layout during a 2019 refurbishment.

    It was also rumored/speculated that an additional refurbishment would take place to bring the attraction’s theme in line with the new version of Tomorrowland. The rumor was for the  aesthetic of the attraction to mirror TRON Lightcycle Run with the possibility of electric vehicles as well. However, these changes are likely delayed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

    We are considering this rumor as “Dead”.

    The rumor tracker for the TRON Lightcycle Power Run can be found here.


    May 25, 2021: user marni1971 is reporting that the Tomorrowland Speedway makeover would have been called Tron Light Racers and is currently unlikely to happen.

    September 14, 2020: user TheVisionarySoul is reporting that any updated to the Tomorrowland Speedway have been indefinitely delayed.

    May 5, 2020: On Disney’s Quarter 2 Fiscal Year 2020 earnings call, Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy stated the company’s plans to reduce capital expenditures during the Covid-19 pandemic. McCarthy stated that capital expenditures for the parks and resorts would be reduced by $900 million by way of pausing refurbishment and construction projects.

    Details of specific projects that may be subject to delay or cancellation were not stated, but construction on all ongoing Walt Disney World projects was suspended shortly after the park closure in March.

    It is unknown if the updates to the Tomorrowland Speedway will be cancelled or delayed as a result of the reduction in capital expenditures.

    May 18, 2019: The Tomorrowland Speedway reopened. user marni1971 is reporting that the attraction is expected to close again next year for a retheme more consistent with the new Tomorrowland.

    February 17, 2019: @Blog_Mickey on Twitter posted video of cast members testing vehicles on the Tomorrowland Speedway.

    October 4, 2018: is reporting that the Tomorrowland Speedway refurbishment will run from January 2, 2019 through May 17, 2019 and the attraction will reopen with a reconfigured layout on May 18, 2019.

    October 3, 2018: is reporting that Tomorrowland Speedway will close for refurbishment on January 2, 2019.

    August 10, 2018: The Disney Parks Blog posted an update on the TRON attraction coming to Tomorrowland. A new billboard for the attraction is now visible inside Storybook Circus and along the tracks for the Walt Disney World Railroad.

    Beginning in December 2018, service along the Walt Disney World Railroad will be suspended and guests can view and take pictures in front of the trains inside the Main Street USA station. In addition, the Tomorrowland Speedway will close in early 2019 to redesign the track layout. It is expected to reopen in Summer 2019 under the same name.

    @BlogMickey on Twitter posted photos of the new billboard visible in the park.

    May 25, 2018: user marni1971 is reporting that updates are in the works for the Tomorrowland Speedway.

    February 1, 2018: On the Mickey Views YouTube show, Brayden shows a post from the private Instagram account of an alleged Imagineer on multiple projects. The post states that the Tomorrowland Speedway will receive a TRON inspired update with electric cars.

    November 21, 2017: user marni1971 is reporting that the Tomorrowland Speedway is expected to receive a “light racers” overlay.

    August 9, 2017: @Attractions on Twitter posted a photo of ride vehicles from Tokyo Disneyland’s Speedway attraction behind Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom.

    July 15, 2017: At the 2017 D23 Expo, Disney officially confirmed that a TRON Attraction will be added to Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. The attraction is expected to be identical to TRON Lightcycle Power Run from Shanghai Disneyland and will be placed North of the Tomorrowland Speedway and next to Space Mountain.

    While it does appear that the Tomorrowland Speedway will be reconfigured, it does not appear that it will be removed. Concept art shows a new pathway beginning at the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. and extending to Storybook Circus.

    July 14, 2017 user Lee is reporting that a possible new theme for the Tomorrowland Speedway would be TRON, and the term his source used was, “Tronway”

    July 10, 2017: user marni1971 is reporting that the TRON Lightcycle attraction will not be replacing the Speedway but will be added “behind” the Speedway and the full explanation will be revealed at the D23 expo. He indicated in a later post that a new theme is likely for the Speedway.

    July 10, 2017: is reporting that the TRON Lightcycle attraction from Shanghai Disneyland will replace the Tomorrowland Speedway by 2020/2021 and it will be officially announced on July 15th at the D23 Expo.

    March 19, 2017: On Episode 123 of the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish Podcast with Jim Hill, Jim and Len discuss the possibility of the TRON Coaster from Shanghai Disneyland replacing the Tomorrowland Speedway. This would be done for the 50th Anniversary of the park in 2021 and largely be contingent on the success of TRON 3, should it get made.

    January 26, 2017: user marni1971 has reported that there are several proposals for changing the Tomorrowland Speedway but none of them have been finalized.

    • Overhaul and overlay the existing attraction
    • Radically alter and overlay the concept but change it.
    • Radically alter and overlay the concept but change it as part of a bigger project
    • Fully remove the existing attraction for something new

    October, 20, 2016: listed a series of rumors, one of which involves the TRON Lightcycle ride from Shanghai Disneyland being reproduced in Tomorrowland.