Monster’s Inc Themed Area in the Works for Hollywood Studios





    Blue Sky

    A long standing rumor has been a new Monster’s Inc themed area coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The area would reportedly be anchored by a relocated Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor and likely the Monster’s Inc Door coaster concept that was leaked in 2008.

    At this point, this appears to be Blue Sky, if not Dead entirely.


    September 24, 2018: On Episode 180 of the Disney Dish Podcast, Jim Hill discussed the continued possibility of Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor being relocated to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as part of a Monster’s Inc themed area.

    September 20, 2018: The Disney Parks Blog announced 19 new limited time events coming to Walt Disney World for 2019. As part of these announcements, a new meet and greet with Mike and Sulley from Monster’s Inc is expected to debut January 18th inside the Walt Disney Presents attraction.

    February 20, 2018: user marni1971 is reporting that there are two Disney World parks competing for a single movie based intellectual property with the speculation being that the property is Indiana Jones and the parks are Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He also indicated that there are three Disney World parks competing for a single ride system. The speculation is that this ride system is the system used for Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean Battle of the Shrunken Treasure attraction. He acknowledged that the parks competing for the yet to be identified ride system are Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

    June 17, 2017: On the recent episode of the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish Podcast, Jim Hill mentions the following related to Hollywood Studios

    • The Star Wars Land project will feature the rumored Star Wars Land hotel. It will be adjacent to the land and park and start with 400 guest rooms with the possibility of two expansions of 300 guest rooms each. The hotel will utilize the World Drive entrance as well as the former wetlands near World Drive.
    • There is an expansion for another attraction in Star Wars Land. This would be an additional street that could also include another restaurant.
    • After Star Wars Land opens, Disney is looking at replacing Animation Courtyard with a Monster’s Inc themed area that may also include a re-theme of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

    November 1, 2015: On Episode 90 of The Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish podcast, Jim Hill said the following:

    • When construction is complete, Disney’s second hard ticketed Halloween event is expected to debut. This would be different than Club Villain
    • Phase 1 (Star Wars and Toy Story) is expected to be complete by the end of 2018.
    • One possibility for additional Pixar content would be relocating the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor to the Animation Courtyard area, replacing the Star Wars Launch Bay. Following that, the Monster’s Inc Door Coaster could be placed behind it.
    • He expects that The Osborne Lights will return at some point in the future.

    October 3, 2015: user marni1971 posted a map that shows the various phases of development for Hollywood Studios. This was later corroborated by user Lee.

    • Green – phase one (Toy Story Land)
    • Red – phase two (Star Wars Land)
    • Yellow – phase three
    • Blue – phase four
    • Orange – changes / enhancements
    • Purple – infrastructure

    September 12, 2015: user MansionButler84 has reported the following timeline for Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

    • Toy Story Land Fall 2017
    • Star Wars Land 2019
    • Cars Land 2020

    September 10, 2015: user Lee is reporting that Toy Story Land is expected to open in late 2017, Star Wars Land is expected to open potentially in phases in 2019-2020, and any Phase 3 additions would debut after that.

    August 16, 2015: On a premium episode of the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish, Jim Hill goes into additional detail on what’s coming to Hollywood Studios, including what was not mentioned.

    • Cars Land will go “above” Toy Story Land
    • Additional Pixar content will go below Toy Story Land in the current Animation area
    • The Cantina band will be a “touring band” and be coming from the Mos Eisley Cantina. The restaurant will hold 300-500 people.
    • The First Order and the Resistance battle attraction will be tied to the Rogue One movie and guests will be in possession of the battle plans for the Death Star.
    • Total Pixar Land could be twice the size of Star Wars Land and include Radiator Springs Racers
    • Monster’s Inc Door Coaster may be back on the table for Pixar Place
    • Pixar will be the right side of the park.
    • The Flying Saucers ride will be a whip ride similar to Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree
    • Star Wars content will be on the left side of the park, taking over Echo Lake
    • Muppet*Vision 3-D should remain
    • Opening could be as late as 2022 for Star Wars and Toy Story Land in 2018-2019 with Cars and additional Pixar content coming before Star Wars.

    August 15, 2015: At the D23 Expo, Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land are announced.

    September 26, 2014: On Episode 66 of the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish Podcast with Jim Hill, Jim Hill presents the following information about the redo of Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

    • Park will be renamed Disney’s Hollywood Adventure
    • The closure of the Studio Backlot Tour and surrounding areas are to make way for additional Pixar content
    • Pixar content could include a version of Toy Story Playland from Disney Studios Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland
    • Pixar content could include an indoor version of Cars Land that would feature an entirely indoor portion of Radiator Springs Racers as Flo’s Restaurant
    • Because the Monster’s Inc Scream Coaster has been developed, he speculated that could go in Soundstage 1
    • The Beauty and the Beast stage show could finally be replaced with a Tangled show if the show proves successful on the cruise line. The time frame for this would be at least 2-3 years out.
    • The Star Wars content is still planned for the Echo Lake area
    • He does not believe that Toy Story Mania is getting a 3rd track
    • Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post is moving into the AFI Showcase area through at least January to function as a Frozen merchandise area during the Osborne Lights.

    January 28, 2013: has posted images of a new ride system that may potentially be used in Shanghai for Monster’s Inc. The Images depict an omnimover type ride that will allow the track to intersect itself. While nothing definitively states that this will also be used in Florida, the existence of the ride system presents another possibile option.

    July 21, 2008: first references a Monster’s Inc Roller Coaster concept.