Additional Missions in Development for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run



    2024 at the earliest


    Blue Sky

    When Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run was announced, there were indications that the attraction would feature multiple missions. It opened with one mission with the others seemingly cut along the development process.


    January 4, 2021: On the latest episode of the Dish Dish Podcast, Jim Hill stated that new missions are in development for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, but they are unlikely to debut prior to 2024.

    August 29, 2019: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge officially debuted in Walt Disney World.

    May 31, 2019: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge officially debuted in Disneyland.

    November 29, 2018: The Rebel Rave YouTube Channel summarized “What We Know” about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    October 4, 2018: is reporting that Smugglers Run will have three different Missions:

    • Mission Scenario One: Hondo gets you involved in a race on Corellia that he’s sure you can’t lose with the Millennium Falcon.
    • Mission Scenario Two: Hondo sends you to the First Order Shipyard on Corellia, possibly on a mission for the Resistance.
    • Mission Scenario Three: Your crew will have to steal some piece of cargo but the cargo is guarded by a giant monster similar to The Maw from Solo: A Star Wars Story and you’ll have evade the creature like the mythic heroes stealing the treasure from the sleeping dragon. Spoiler: The dragon wakes up.

    December 17, 2017: At the Star Wars Galactic Nights event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney Imagineers hosted a panel discussion called Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Attraction Magazine posted a YouTube video of the discussion which featured previously unreleased concept art. posted this photo of one of the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run missions.