Rivers of Light Live Chat Recap


The Disney Parks Blog hosted a live chat with Jennifer Fickley-Baker alongside members of the Rivers of Light creative team, Michael Jung and Mark Renfrow. Highlights include:

  • Michael Jung has been working on the show for over 3 years.
  • The show will feature two nomadic Asian shaman's that will tell the story of Rivers of Light.

    • Ashima – A human embodiment of water. Her name means "limitless".
    • Aditya – He is the embodiment of fire and light. His name means "like the sun" in Nepalese
  • Composer Mark Mancina crafted an original song for the show. Don Harper created the entire score for Rivers of Light. The score was recorded at Abbey Road in London.
  • Approximately 100 floating lanterns will float around the water including many animal float lanterns.
  • The show features four animal spirit guides: tiger, elephant, owl, turtle
  • Show capacity is approximately 5000 per show. The show can be scene from outside the viewing area but it should be viewed from within the viewing area.
  • Fastpass+ will be available for the show

The full chat can be found below with a behind the scenes look beginning at the 14:00 mark: