Ride Footage Leaked for Millennium Falcon Attraction


The YouTube Channel VRM Virtual Reality Media shared footage of a session at GTC (GPU Technology Conference) 2018 where Disney and NVIDIA showed off what "Real Time Ray tracing" of Star Wars looks like with 8 Nvidia GPU's.

The footage is reportedly "pre-alpha" footage of the Millennium Falcon attraction and is usd to demonstrate the technology coming to the ride. Last month, Disney and NVIDIA announced they would be teaming up for this attraction and each simulator would utilize eight high-end NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPUs, connected via Quadro SLI.

In short, what this means is that each ride will be rendered in real time allowing for a unique user controlled simulator experience every time. The footage below is from the VRM Virtual Reality Media YouTube channel, and the additional video was compiled by DSNY Newscast where the footage was overlayed on existing concept art for the attraction.