Soarin’ Fast Facts

    • Location: Epcot, Future World, The Land
    • Area of attraction: 59,895 square feet (includes ticketing area, Great Hall where state-of-the-art infrared technology allows guests to participate in up to five different games on digital projection screens by moving their bodies
    • Flight experience: A breathtaking glide over the majestic and diverse natural wonders of California
    • Duration of ride: The Soarin’ experience, including pre-flight briefing, is ten minutes. The Soarin’ flight lasts approximately five minutes
    • Locations featured: San Francisco, Monterey Coast, Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Los Angeles, Malibu and Disneyland Park in Anaheim
    • Scents experienced: Orange blossoms, pine forests and ocean spray
    • Music: Orchestral musical score created by renowned film and television composer Jerry Goldsmith (“Mulan,” “Air Force One,” “Star Trek: First Contact”)
    • Projection system: IMAX projection system, with high-speed (48fps) high definition Omni-max film projectors (twice the speed of normal motion picture film)
    • Size of projection screen dome: 80-foot diameter
    • Ride system: Walt Disney Imagineering-developed motion-based technology, the original ride inception was based on an erector set model created by Imagineer Mark Sumner. One million pounds of steel provides the ride structure and 37 tons are lifted during each ride cycle
    • Height guests are lifted into screen: 40 feet
    • Total number of guests per each ride cycle: 87
    • Queuing options: Standby line, Single Rider, FASTPASS and Rider Switch
    • Minimum guest height requirement: 40 inches
    • Accessible: Guests in wheelchairs, motorized scooters or ECv’s must transfer to experience this attraction