Pandora – The World of Avatar Background Wallpaper

Walt Disney World’s Pandora – The World of Avatar is a themed land based on the fictional world of Pandora from James Cameron’s movie “Avatar”. One of the most iconic features of this land is the Floating Mountains, which are large, picturesque rock formations that appear to float in the air.

The area is intended to transport visitors to Pandora’s lush, bioluminescent environment. There are two main attractions in the land: “Avatar Flight of Passage,” an exhilarating 3D ride that simulates flying on the back of a banshee, and “Na’vi River Journey,” a leisurely boat ride that transports visitors through a glowing jungle populated by unique plants and creatures.

Pandora – The World of Avatar is a beautiful illustration of Disney’s ability to design magical, immersive worlds that whisk visitors away to a different time and place.

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Pandora - The World of Avatar Wallpaper Background

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