Pandora: The Land of Avatar at the D23 Expo


Pandora: The World of AVATAR is a prominent component of the Parks and Resorts pavilion at the D23 Expo. The exhibit included the model of Pandora, concept art, and artifacts from Pandora.

A video introduces guests to the area where people talk about visiting the land of Pandora. It introduces the backstory of guests using the Alpha Centauri Expeditions travel company as a means of traveling to Pandora. The video features guests talking about all they can do in the land and includes contributions from Imagineer Joe Rohde as well as Avatar Producer Jon Landau.

When I toured a little after the pavilion opened this morning, both Joe Rohde and fellow Imagineer Bruce Vaughn were walking through the exhibit. Joe Rohde confirmed that he and Jon Landau would be speaking at the Parks and Resorts presentation scheduled for 3 PM Pacific Time on Saturday August 15th.

The AVATAR Model

Avatar Artifacts

N'Avi Figure

Concept Art

Tim with a N'Avi Figure and Joe Rohde

At the conclusion of the pavilion, Disney provided a teaser leaflet from the Alpha Centauri Expeditions company.