Magic Band

Magic Bands are RFID enabled bracelets or keychains that function as guest’s park tickets, resort room keys, FASTPASS+ entrance and more. Magic Bands are available for free to all resort guests, DVC guests and Annual Passholders.

The system was introduced in late 2013/early 2014 with the RFID enabled bracelets. Beginning in November of 2016, Disney introduced the “puck style” Magic Band where a removable RFID enabled puck can be used inside a bracelet or keychain.

  • Magic Bands are RFID enabled devices that are used as your in park access to My Disney Experience.
  • For guests that do not have, or wish not to use a Magic Band, they can utilize an RFID enabled ticket.
  • Magic Bands are free of charge to resort guests, Annual Passholders, and Disney Vacation Club members.
  • Magic Bands are available for purchase for $12.95 at a variety of locations throughout Walt Disney World.
  • Replacement Magic Bands for Annual Passholders will be free for the first replacement. Guests can also opt for an RFID enabled ticket instead.
  • The band will include RFID chips that will be read at both long range and short range readers throughout the parks.
  • The Magic Bands will be encrypted to protect personal data.
  • The entrance gates at each park have been converted to RFID enabled readers and all turnstyles have been removed.
  • The readers at the entrance gates feature Mickey’s head at each kiosk. Guests hold their RFID ticket or Magic Band to Mickey’s head and then place their finger on the biometric scanner. If the ticket or Magic Band is read correctly, Mickey’s head will light up green, otherwise it will light up blue and the guest will have to try again.
  • At the entrance of FASTPASS+ eligible attractions, guests use their ticket or Magic Band in the same way they would enter the park, however at the FASTPAS+ entrances, there is no biometric finger scan required. Cast members can see what FASTPASS+ attractions a guest has if the reader does not validate their entrance to that particular attraction.
  • Magic Bands can be scanned by Photo Pass/Memory Maker photographers and at on ride photo locations to have a photo added to your Memory Maker Profile.
  • Long Range RFID readers will soon be able to identify a guest in an attraction and automatically link their on ride photos to their Memory Maker Profile.
  • If a credit card is linked to a guest’s My Disney Experience account, the Magic Band can be used at touch to pay food and merchandise kiosks throughout the park. Usage will require a pin for security purposes.
  • Magic Bands will be available in Nine Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Gray, and Purple
  • Magic Bands will be shipped to guests within 10-30 days of arrival and will be shipped worldwide.
  • If the Magic Bands are not received within 10-30 days of arrival, they will be shipped to the resort within 1-9 days of arrival.
  • The default Magic Band color will be Gray if received within five days of resort reservation arrival.
  • Replacement Magic Bands will be Gray
  • Magic Bands are waterproof, but do not float.
  • Magic Bands are battery powered and the battery life is up to three years.
  • Parking privileges will be addressed via “touch points” for resort guests and eligible annual pass holders.
  • A separate discount card is provided to Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members
  • Accessories are available for purchase that can be connected to the Magic Band