New Star Tours Gift Preps Young Jedi for Departure at Disney Parks


The Disney Parks Blog shared a new customizable gift that's debuting as part of this year's Star Wars Weekend. The blog shared an interview  with Disney Show Director Ken Malquist, who led the creative development of this new offering:

Jean: Ken, what’s this gift about?

Ken: Well, as the galaxy’s foremost vacation and travel provider, Star Tours takes great care in enhancing their passenger’s in-flight experience, so Aly San San, Star Tours Spokesbot, has provided the essentials a Jedi should never travel without: A satchel, a motion activated nametag with flashing blue lights, travel credentials, a pillow/blanket, chocolate, and a Light Saber.

Jean: What special creative experiences did you go through to create this gift?

Ken: We worked closely with our Star Wars experts on staff, Star Wars Weekends, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Imagineering, [to share] our concepts and ideas. It truly was a collaborative process to create this gifting experience.

Jean: As a Star Wars/Star Tours enthusiast, what do you think fans will especially like about this gifting experience?

Ken: It’s the whole package and the detail. Having the light-up lanyard, boarding documentation and ticket really takes it to the next level. You’re now in the adventure and the Force is with you. Creating this gift was an amazing and unique experience. At the end of the day, I would share with my family that I had spent time researching Ewoks, how many fingers they had, and how tall they are! I never thought I would actually become an expert, which is literally what happened. I had to immerse myself in the Star Wars universe; it was definitely a personal journey.