New Splitsville Menu Adds 16 Delicious, Gluten-Free Dishes at Downtown Disney


Splitsville, the popular bowling alley/restaurant at Downtown Disney is adding 16 gluten fere dishes to their menu. The new items were created by Chef Patrick Steele. They include generous rice bowls: fiesta chicken, steak fajita, Asian shrimp and spicy veggie, all full of flavor and served with sticky rice. Additionally, a gluten-free pizza crust is available along with a variety of Gluten Free toppings.

They have also added gluten free Sushi options as well as Gluten free appetizers like Blazing Chicken (tenderloins in spicy Buffalo sauce), steamed edamame and seared ahi tuna, which also is served as a salad with spring mix and Asian pear dressing. Another option is a gluten-free turkey BLT salad, a bowl full of roasted turkey, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, red onion and blue cheese.

Finally, gluten free entrees include blackened mahi mahi with spicy voodoo shrimp and grilled salmon with mango chutney, fresh broccoli and sushi rice.