New Scene and Additional Changes Coming to Star Tours on November 17th

183 is reporting that when the new scene based on Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi debuts on November 17th it will result in an additional change to the attraction. According to the report, the attraction will differentiate between content from Star Wars Episodes 1-6 and Star Wars Episodes 7 and 8 (and ultimately beyond).

Beginning on November 17th, guests will only experience characters from the recent movies, but at a later point in time guests will have the option to choose whether they want to ride the attraction with scenes from Episodes 1-6 or Episodes 7-8.

The new sequence based on Episode 7-8 will feature a new opening sequence, the Jakku scene that debuted in 2015, a transmission (the existing BB-8 transmission or potentially an alternate) and the 2017 Crait scene.

UPDATE: The Disney Parks Blog shared additional photos of the new scene as well.

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