New Next Gen Experience Rumored for Adventureland


Normally our site isn’t one to typically “break” stories, but something very interesting happened to fall into our lap today. Before I go into detail of what this is, it’s important to clarify how this was acquired. This information did not come from our typical sources for inside information, this actually came for a third party contractor used by Disney. This contractor provided us with proprietary information and supporting documentation that due to an existing non-disclosure agreement we must keep under wraps.

Given that background, it is entirely possible that the information provided to this contractor was used solely for the purposes of establishing an estimate for the contractor’s services. I don’t doubt the legitimacy of the documentation provided, I believe it originated with Disney, but I speculate that the project is still early on in the development process and highly subject to change, if it happens at all.

With all those caveats in place, I feel comfortable saying that at the time this documentation was provided to this contractor in April of this year, Disney was at the very least considering a new interactive experience surrounding Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland.  This experience appears to be in addition to the experience already announced for Hollywood Studios

This seems to be another RFID based experience located entirely in Adventureland.  Multiple RFID “triggers’ throughout the land will produce multiple physical effects that appear more elaborate than those found in Kim Possible/Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.  The plans seem to indicate very specific elements such as the following:

  • Touching a skull activates the movement of the mouth of a talking tiki idol, which will reveal a jewel in his mouth.
  • Touching a blunderbuss activates the movement of sails that cover a bird cage, the sails will open to reveal an animated parrot.
  • Touching the fuse of a cannon activates an air cannon in the water as well as a light and smoke effect.
  • Touching a piece of parchment activates a skeleton captain emerging from the water.
  • Touching a snake charmers basket activates a spitting snake.
  • Touching a vase activates an image on a nearby tapestry.
  • Touching a shark tooth activates circling shark fins in the water
  • Touching a sand dollar activates a mechanical giant clam
  • Touching the carvings on a shelf will activate cannon blasts on ships in a bottle causing one ship to sink

At first glance this does not appear to be tied to a formal attraction as components can be found throughout the pathways of Adventureland.  It appears that this is more of an environmental addition than anything else.  All told there seems to be close to 20 of these RFID based effects, and each effect appears to be on a greater scale than previous similar effects found in The Haunted Mansion queue or Kim Possible’s World Showcase Adventure.

It all seems particularly interesting, especially considering the existing presence that Pirates of the Caribbean already has in the parks.  While most of the elements seem to be generic Pirate based items, the effects that are screen based appear to use images of characters from the movies.