New Jungle Cruise Themed Restaurant Potentially Coming to Adventureland

138 has reported that a new restaurant concept based around the Jungle Cruise may soon be headed to the Magic Kingdom. Screamscape's details are as follows:

In other news, you may have noticed a new lengthy rehab is also planned for the Liberty Tree Tavern that will see the restaurant closed for almost 5 months (July 6 to Nov. 20). I'm told that the focus of the work here isn't on the restaurant itself, but rather a complete redesign of the kitchen area that will transform it into a new multi-use kitchen area that will service not only the Liberty Tree Tavern, but an all new restaurant concept planned to open in the old Verandah space at the entrance to Adventureland. This is apparently the main reason why Tinker Bell was moved out of the building and sent to her new Main Street digs.

While the concept may still be a bit fluid, the overall concept from what I understand is that it will be themed to tie into the Jungle Cruise theme. In short… imagine a crazy Adventureland themed restaurant staffed by the Jungle Cruise Captains as a way to pay the bills when they are in-between jobs, and to expand their bad comedy into the realm of the culinary arts.

Our sources have also heard these rumors, we are updating our Adventureland Veranda rumor to, "In Development".