Na’vi River Journey/Avatar Boat Ride Moved to ‘Phase 2’


Back on April 29, mentioned that cost overruns on My Magic+ and Shanghai may have reduced the Avatar project to one simulator attraction, a handful of shops and a restaurant. Additional sources have hinted at this as well.

As of right now, we have reason to believe that the river ride planned for Pandora: The Land of Avatar has been moved to "Phase 2". Initially, the plans for the boat road (reportedly called Na'vi River Journey) were for a bio-lumenescent dark ride that would also feature Na'vi animatronics. The attraction would also share a small portion of the simulator show building as part of the ride path. Concept art for the attraction can be seen above (click image for full size).

Unfortunately, "Phase 2" is not guaranteed and would largely be contingent on the success of the initial build of the land as well as the Avatar sequals.