Lion-tailed Macaques Coming to Maharajah Jungle Trek

238 is reporting that work is being done on the former Tapir exhibit inside Maharajah Jungle Trek. In subsequent postings to Twitter they confirmed it would be a species of primate going into that area. This was then confirmed by both @JamboEveryone and @jkwana that the new species would be Lion-tailed Macaques.

When the Majarajah Jungle Trek opened in the Asia section of Disney's Animal Kingom in 1999, one of the exhibits featured a Malayan Tapir. The tapir exhibit was between the Komodo Dragon and the Malayan Flying Foxes/Rodrigues Fruit Bat exhibit. The tapir passed away in 2010 and ultimately the exhibit became home to Bar-Headed Geese, Roechelle Ducks and White Naped Cranes. Those species have since been moved to a spot further along the trek as work progresses.

Photo above courtesy of San Diego Zoo.