Leaked Blueprints of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway


@BackDoorDisney on Twitter posted blueprints of the ride layout for Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway. The layout is fairly consistent with a November 2017 posting from WDWNT.com (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3).

  • Guests will board Goofy’s train as seen in the concept art. Mickey and Minnie will follow along in their car to “save [guests] from Goofy’s clumsiness”.
  • The ride system will be trackless, and guests will board a 16 passenger train comprised of four separate cars in two rows of two.
  • The original lobby queue entrance area is expected to remain with different items in the displays.
  • The pre-show theater from The Great Movie RIde will be modified to two identical pre-show theaters. The pre-show will feature a new Mickey Mouse cartoon featuring Mickey, Minnie and Pluto heading to the park for a picnic. The screens will open up to reveal the load area where guests will board Goofy’s train.
  • The scene by scene ride sequence is reported as follow:
    • The attraction begins with a trip through the park, followed by a tunnel. The tunnel features an encounter with Mickey and Minnie (as animatronics) in a car alongside the train. This appears to be the image featured as a model in the Walt Disney Presents exhibit on the upcoming attraction.
    • The next scene is described as a “running of the bulls” scenario where the cars break apart to avoid the stomping creatures.
    • The next scene is a trip to the carnival that ends with Mickey and Minnie caught in a twister.
    • The twister puts guests into a tropical location with four separate rooms (one for each vehicle). Each room has a large screen and water effects that will place the vehicles on the edge of a waterfall.
    • The train cars move into a city drainage pipe where they take a detour into a dance studio. An animatronic of Daisy Duck is giving dance lessons and the vehicles “dance” in the studio.
    • The next scene has the vehicles in an alleyway that leads to a factory and a large furnace. Before reaching the furnace, the vehicles are saved by Mickey and Minnie.
    • Saved by Mickey and Minnie, the guests return tot he park for the picnic. The scene features animatronics of Mickey, Minnie and Pluto before heading to the unload station.
    • Guests unload and return through the movie screen.