Rafiki’s Planet Watch



Rafiki’s Planet Watch houses the veterinary care facilities for all of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Guests can only travel to and from Rafiki’s Planet Watch using the Wildlife Express Train. In addition to veterinary care facilities guests can experience a petting zoo, sounds of the rainforest, animal encounters, insects, amphibians, and reptiles.

Upon departing the Wildlife Express Train, guests are guided down a path and greeted by a statue of Rafiki, the mandrill monkey from the Lion King. The pathway continues through Habitat Habit where guests can see Cotton Top Tamarin’s and learn how they can share their own backyard with local wildlife. The pathway ends at Conservation Station and Affection Section (the petting zoo) where guests can learn about and interact with animals.

Two small shows take place near Affection Section. The shows are It All Started With a Mouse and Animal Encounter. These shows feature smaller animals and zookeepers.



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