Future World




The original built concept of Future World was a permanent World’s Fair. Each of the pavilions had a corporate sponsor and the focus was largely on science and technology. As the park evolved, the science and technology themes evolved into one of discovery. Sponsors still exist in Future World, but the focus on those sponsors has been lessened in some attractions.

The centerpiece of Future World is the iconic Spaceship Earth. The logo of the park is a geodesic sphere that houses the Spaceship Earth attraction. The attraction takes guests through the history of communication.

The west side of Future World features the following pavilions:

  • Innoventions West
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion
  • The Land Pavilion
  • Imagination! Pavilion

This side has less of a focus on technology and this can be seen through subtle things like curved walkways and railings.

Future World East features the following pavilions:

  • Innoventions East
  • Universe of Energy Pavilion
  • Festival Center (Former Wonders of Life Pavilion)
  • Mission: Space Pavilion
  • Test Track Pavilion

This side has a greater focus on technology and as such features defined angles in the walkways and railings.

The majority of the parks rides are in Future World and they include:


In 2007 Disney opened a gallery of museum level exhibits in Future World West celebrating the 25th Anniversary of EPCOT Center. A sign featured inside the gallery offered this description of Future World:

Future World invites us to relive great moments of invention, experience the awesome power and grandeur of nature, explore realms of human imagination, traverse land, sea, and outser space, and discover innovations for enriching our lives.

At Epcot Center, the future is ever-evolving and fluid. While some pavilions leap forward fifty years or a hundred years, others emphasize that the technology available to us today will create the world of tomorrow.