Camp Minnie Mickey




Camp Minnie Mickey was home to many classic Disney characters in the Animal Kingdom. Mickey, Pluto and Goofy can be seen fishing on the waterfront while Donald and his nephews aren’t far away.

Over the years, the Character Greeting trails were an excellent place to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Baloo, King Louie and more. This was also the original home of the Festival of the Lion King stage show. This show has been relocated to Africa and regardless of the location it has delighted guests since opening day.

The land was meant to be temporary, but the popularity of Festival of the Lion King as well as other factors resulted in the land becoming more permanent. The original plan was for a land based on mythical animals titled Beastly Kingdom to replace Camp Minnie Mickey. A nod to this “land that never was” exists in the form of a rock dragon waterfall along the path leading into the land.

The land had it’s last day of operation on January 5th, 2014 as construction began on James Cameron’s Avatar.

Over the years, Camp Minnie Mickey was also home to the Pocahontas and her Forest Friends Stage Show, as well as Gi-Tar Dan, the later was relocated to Discovery Island prior to the closure of the land.