Indulge Your Senses with New Sense of Africa Tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge


    The Disney Parks Blog officially announced the new Sense of Africa coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. The tour was first reported by

    As initially reported the tour is 3.5 hours and includes breakfast at Boma. After breakfast, guests can have encounters with animals such as okapi, giraffe, ostriches and red river hogs.

    The tour is billed as a, "feast for all five senses."

    • Taste – The tour begins with a selection of exotic and more familiar fare at Boma.
    • Hearing – In addition to the noises made by the animals guests will hear many interesting pieces of information about the species they encounter.
    • Smell – Guests will get a whiff of the animals and the food they eat.
    • Touch – Guests will be able to hide food for Red River Hogs and watch as they find them.
    • Sight – Guests will see a selection of animals on this tour.