The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Bellhop Training Manual

A segment from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Bellhop Training Manual. Courtesy of user MiddKidd.

Hotel History

The Hollywood Tower Hotel originally opened in 1917. It was famous for its luxurious accommodations and unbeatable service. Only celebrities and the elite of society could afford to stay there. The hotel continued to enjoy success, until the evening of October 31, 1939, when a freakish thunderstorm had developed surrounding the hotel. The Hotel was filled to capacity that evening because of a swanky Hollywood party that was being held there. Five people boarded one of the lobby elevators. Among those who boarded was a child actress, her governess, a glamorous young couple of rising stars, and an over worked bellhop. Through the years the names of the occupants of the elevator have been forgotten. As their elevator ascended lightning struck the center section of the hotel. The mysterious lightning didn’t just cause some damage it removed the two large wings of the tower section of the hotel, the Guests in those rooms, and the elevator with its now famous passengers. The other Guests of the hotel were so frightened by the incident that they left their personal belongings behind, making a hasty exit from the hotel. To this day their belongings remain just as they had left them. Even the clock in the lobby froze at the moment the incident occurred (8:05 p.m.). The hotel immediately closed for what many had hoped would be permanently. Through the years several reports had been made of mysterious happenings and apparitions in the vacant hotel by the few who were brave enough to explore the abandoned structure. Some of the more hysterical trespassers claimed that the hotel had taken on a life of its own. On July 22, 1994, the hotel decided to reopen its doors to the public. It is rumored that somewhere within the Hollywood Tower Hotel there is a mysterious doorway to another dimension. The exact floor that this portal is located on is not known, but it is believed that the closer one gets to this doorway, the stronger the pull from another time, another world. Although there are many rumors concerning the hotel, the hotel staff maintains that those “Rumors are rumors, one neither knows nor cares who started them. We prefer to simply ignore them.”

History of the Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhops

The bellhops at the Hollywood Tower Hotel are the bellhops who were on duty that fateful night in 1939. While the bellhops are ware of the present, their choice of words, gestures, and actions are very much in the style of the late 1930’s. They prefer the good old days. Even though the bellhops are friendly their elevators don’t quite make it to the top floor, if you know what I mean. They are very aware of what is currently going on at the Hotel, but through their words and actions keep an attitude of “I know something you don’t know, and I’m not telling.” The bellhops speak as they did in 1939. Therefore they avoid using contractions such as “wouldn’t” and “shouldn’t” instead they use “would not” and “should not.” It is important to remember that these bellhops worked in a premiere hotel in Hollywood, California. Although their vocal inflection may be considered errie, their accent is very much American. The bellhops are very gracious and always have a smile, usually a sinister of knowing smile. Their eyes are often viewed by others as being glazed, dazed, or wild. Every bellhop, just like regular people, is an individual. The traits that all of the Hollywood Tower Hotel bellhops share in common are a sinister smile or grin, a Cheshire cat form of friendliness, the overall style of the late 1930’s, and very expressive or glazed eyes. Although each bellhop may present these elements in a different way. The Hotel’s bellhops rely very strongly on their non-verbal and tone of voice skill in communicating with their Guests. They are extremely graceful with their gestures and movements, almost as if they are operating in slow motion. The voices of the bellhops are so calm, polite, and unflappable that hotel Guests often find themselves slightly unnerved by the false serenity. In short the Bellhops are sinisterly friendly. The Hollywood Tower Hotel bellhops respectfully avoid certain topics, such as religion, politics, and disasters (natural & man-made). The Hotel does not permit bellhops to mention the names of celebrities, whether they are staying at the Hotel or not, to other Hotel Guests.