Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction Ride Details

190 shared rumored details on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy attraction coming to the Universe of Energy Pavilion at Epcot. Following the publishing of this article, users Magic Feather and marni1971 confirmed that the details are mostly correct but it's possible that had access to an older document:

  • Guests will enter the attraction using the same entrance previously used by Ellen's Energy Adventure and the Universe of Energy. The first doorway will lead into the Welcome Gallery.
  • The Welcome Gallery will feature a series of ramps for the attraction's queue. The elevation of these ramps are ultimately for the elevated load platform for the roller coaster.
  • The second queue room is the Xandar Gallery. Xandar was featured in the first Guardians of the Galaxy as the home of the Nova Corps. This room is expected to feature Xandarian relics. This room leads into the first pre-show room referred to as, "Singularity". The term singularity is used by The Collector in the original Guardians of the Galaxy to explain the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These stones are a source of energy and power within that Universe.
  • The first pre-show leads into one of two identical second pre-show rooms. These rooms are referred to as The Transformation room. The concept art for this room depicts Rocket Raccoon and Groot who will presumably explain the story of the attraction. It appears these characters will appear on a screen and no animatronics will be in the attraction.

  • Following the pre-shows, a hallway leads upstairs to the load area. The attraction features a dual load and unload that allows for two trains at a time.
  • The coaster trains feature five cars with two rows of two in each car for a total capacity of 20 per train.
  • The coaster trains exit the load area before heading into the Launch Tunnel. The Launch Tunnel appears to be the first area where guests are outside of the original Universe of Energy building.
  • The Launch Tunnel leads into the new 133 foot tall building. There does not appear to be any inversions in the attraction but many tight turns and straightaways. The article assumes that there will be projection effects along the track but no physical show scenes.
  • The train returns through the same Launch/Return Tunnel and into the unload station.

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