Gondola System Coming to Hollywood Studios and Epcot Area?


While not confirmed, evidence has surfaced that Disney is building a gondola like transportation system around Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

WDWMagic.com user danlb_2000 spotted a permit Disney filed with the South Florida Water Management district that showed the construction of two new buildings, one at the entrance to Hollywood Studios and the other at the back of Disney's Boardwalk Resort parking lot. The shape and placement of these buildings fueled speculation that they might be connected to a transportation system. Additional new buildings on other permits further fueled this speculation in a separate post by WDWMagic.com user danlb_2000.

WDWMagic.com user marni1971 has reported that this is indeed a gondola system. We have been tracking this as a rumor here and are classifying it as, "In Development."

UPDATE: The story has been picked up by the Orlando Sentinel. In their article they reached out to Disney who would not confirm the report.