Frozen Changes Coming to Both Maelstrom and Mickey’s PhilharMagic


We have been tracking two Frozen related rumors on our site.

The Maelstrom rumor original surfaced back in December of 2013 when Jim Hill mentioned on episode 52 of the Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish podcast that Frozen was being considered for the Norway pavilion. Most recently, user WDW1974 has indicated that Frozen will be an overlay for the existing Maelstrom attraction. We have received similar information from a separate source, further validating this rumor.

In addition, we have been informed that an 18 month "build time" should be expected from the closure of Maelstrom to the re-opening of the new attraction. It is anticipated that the post show video area will somehow be integrated into the queue and the attraction would exit out directly into a gift shop. These details are still in flux, but our source has advised us that this is the current plan under consideration. With that said, it can be speculated that Maelstrom would close in January 2015 with a re-opening in summer of 2016.

With regards to Mickey's PhilharMagic, this rumor also originated with Jim Hill, back on the January 2014 Episode of the Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish. This information was also included in the 2013 Touring Plans Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. The time frame for this addition is unknown, but we have also been advised that this project is in development. We have since changed the status of our rumor accordingly (from "Blue Sky" to "In Development"). Currently Mickey's PhilharMagic has a scheduled refurbishment from September 8-19 of this year. It is unknown if any changes will take place during this time frame.