Four Major Road Changes Approved for Walt Disney World


The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the Ready Creek Improvement District approved $335 million in new roads in and around the Walt Disney World Resort. The projects are expected to be completed by 2018. Among these approved are the reconfiguration of the connection between Osceola Parkway and Victory Way intended to help traffic flow in and out of Disney's Hollywood Studios. We have been tracking that rumor here.

Per the article the reconfiguration is as follows:

A flyover bridge taking World Drive hotel traffic over the Magic Kingdom's toll plaza should be complete by the second half of 2018.

A reconfiguration of Osceola Parkway at Victory Way, southeast of Disney's Hollywood Studios and north of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, should be finished by the end of 2018. A traditional intersection will be replaced with a flyover design similar to that at state roads 50 and 436 near Orlando. The flyover will take Osceola Parkway traffic over Victory Way.

A new roadway link from Reams Road to Floridian Way should be finished in early 2018.

An extension of Western Way from the Flamingo Crossings development to Avalon Road, or County Road 545, should be done by mid-2018. Part of that road will be raised in the middle to accommodate pedestrians to walk underneath when the area is developed. "We don't know what will be developed there," said Kathryn Kolbo, manager of planning and engineering at Reedy Creek, but the district wants to prepare. The raised area will be over what she described as an "island" in the middle of wetland areas.

Also on Wednesday, Reedy Creek approved a $12.3 million contract with Southland Construction Inc. for improvements to an interchange at Osceola Parkway and World Drive. A cloverleaf design will be completed and the existing signalized left turn to northbound World Drive will be removed.