First Major Permits for Hollywood Studios Show Park Expansion

164 user danlb_2000 has posted photos of the first permits filed related to the overhaul of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The work in the permits is set to begin in January 2016 and expire in October 2018. It includes several infrastructure related items:

  • Significant land clearing immediately Southeast of the park. This is likely related to park expansion.
  • A new drainage pond will be constructed on the West side of World Drive
  • A reconfiguration of Osceola Parkway and Victory Way.

    • An expansion of an existing ramp from Osceola Parkway to the theme park entrance toll plaza
    • A temporary entrance road from World Drive to the theme park entrance toll plaza area for construction vehicles.
    • A temporary bridge spanning the Canal L-402; and wetland impacts within these construction areas.
  • The main entrance area is expected to be diverted slightly.
  • Existing wetland areas to be converted to parking.

It appears that this work will be taking place while Toy Story Land is being constructed within the existing parking boundaries.