First Look: ‘Frozen Ever After’ at Epcot


    The Disney Parks Blog announced the official name of the new Frozen attraction going to the Norway Pavilion. The ride will be called "Frozen Ever After". The article also included the first piece of concept art from the attraction. It appears that the vikings boats from Maelstrom will be retained.

    From the Disney Parks Blog:

    “Frozen Ever After,” is an adventure fit for the entire family that will take guests through the kingdom of Arendelle. The fantastic Disney storytelling combined with new technology and favorite moments and music from the film will make guests feel like they stepped into the magical world of “Frozen.”

    Guests will be transported to the Winter in Summer Celebration where Queen Elsa embraces her magical powers and creates a winter-in-summer day for the entire kingdom. They will also visit Elsa’s Ice Palace and the ice-blue world of the North Mountain along with other locations before returning to the Bay of Arendelle. Of course, favorite “Frozen” characters, including the Snowgies from the animated short “Frozen Fever,” will be part of this new attraction, along with the spectacular sights inspired by the film.

    The Norway Pavilion’s exterior will be expanded with many unique Norwegian architectural features and the interior design of the “Royal Sommerhus” will reflect the cultural arts and crafts of Norway, providing a charming setting for guests to meet Elsa and Anna.

    In addition to the Disney Parks Blog article, the Wall Street Journal was given an exclusive first look at the attraction and provided more detail on what to expect.

    • Per Imagineer Kathy Mangum, the ride system will remain and the track will remain.
    • The ride time is expected to be 4 minutes
    • The queue will take guests past Wandering Oaken's Trading Post. The trader will occasionally clear steam from the windows and shout, "yoo-hoo!" at guests walking by.
    • Animatronics will have projected faces, similar to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

    The progression of the attraction will be as follows: Guests will board their "logs" and will first be greeted by Olaf and Sven who will set up the premise of the Winter Festival. The next stop will be at Troll Valley and Grandpappy Troll tells the troll children how Anna and Kristoff met. The log will go up a ramp where they will be greeted by Olaf who is singing and ice skating along with Anna, Kristoff, and Sven.

    Behind a set of doors, Elsa awaits on a balcony singing Let It Go in her Ice Castle. This appears to be at the track switch area that previous held the three headed trolls. It will feature special effects to simulate snow crystals flying around the room.

    The boat will then travel backwards passed Marshmallow, the giant snowman as well as the Snowgies from the "Frozen Fever" short. Marshmallow will yell "Let It Go" and the boat will descend down a hill forwards through a mist cloud into the final scene. The final scene will include fireworks and a wave from Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff.