2012 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party



Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is an annual event that occurs in September, October and November at the Magic Kingdom. The event is a hard ticketed event (separate admission) that runs on selected days from 7:00 PM – 12:00 PM. Guests with a Not So Scary Halloween Party ticket are typically permitted into the park between 4-4:30 PM even though party events don’t take place until 7:00 PM.

Activities include trick or treating around the park at a variety of locations. Guests of all ages can arrive in costume, and additional theming and effects take place on Main Street USA. Most attractions remain open during the party and the Haunted Mansion maids and butlers will appear in special skeleton makeup. Additionally, a selection of characters (many villains) will be available for autographs and pictures.

Other entertainment offerings include the following:

  • Mickey’s Boo-To-You Halloween Parade – The parade runs twice nightly and is kicked off by a ride from the headless horseman. The catchy music repeats throughoutThe parade kicks off with several heroes including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Alice and The Mad Hatter. Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy follow on the next float, while the Winnie the Pooh characters follow them on foot and on a float. Peter Pan, Wendy, and the lost boys follow and they are closely tailed by Smee and Captain Hook on a float. A team of pirates follows the Peter Pan float, leading into the Pirates of the Caribbean float. Jack Sparrow is perched atop the float while Barbosa stands below. The iconic man and his dog that greet guests in the Haunted Mansion graveyard follow the Pirates float. They walk around nervously and are followed by a selection of maids and butlers carrying shovels. They dance with the shovels, scraping them against the ground emitting sparks. Additional ghosts follow leading to the Hitchhiking Ghosts float. Actors portray the three famed “haunts”. Following the Haunted Mansion floats are a selection of dancers that preceed a float with some classic characters like Clarabelle Cow, Chip and Dale, Many bears from the Country Bears, Brer Fox, Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit. The next float features a selection of futuristic musicians, followed immediately by villains including Jafar, the Big Bad Wold, and Cruella da Ville. The next float features Maleficent and Dr. Facilier. This float is followed by the three hyenas from The Lion King. The next float is a Goofy’s Candy Company truck being driven by Pluto that is followed by three cones that resemble candy corn. The final float features Goofy atop a giant candy machine.
  • Villains Mix & Mingle – Live on Stage – This castle stage show features many of your favorite villains.
  • Not So Scary Street Jam
  • HalloWishes – Is a Halloween themed fireworks show with an original soundtrack.

Party dates for 2012 were:

  • September 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28, 30
  • October 4, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30
  • November 2

Tickets for September 11th – September 28th were as follows:

  • Advance Purchase age 10 and up: $55.95 + tax
  • Advance Purchase age 3 to 9: $50.95 + tax
  • Purchased on Event Day 10 and up: $62.95 + tax
  • Purchased on Event Day 3 to 9: $57.95 + tax

Tickets for September 30th – November 2nd were as follows

  • Advance Purchase age 10 and up: $58.95 + tax
  • Advance Purchase age 3 to 9: $53.95 + tax
  • Purchased on Event Day 10 and up: $64.95 + tax
  • Purchased on Event Day 3 to 9: $59.95 + tax