Epcot Characer Spot Expected to Close September 8th


WDWMagic.com is reporting that the Epcot Character Spot is expected to close on September 8, 2019 as part of the Innoventions West removal and Epcot central spine project.

The Epcot Character Spot is home to a variety of characters that will be relocated upon the closure of the Epcot Character Spot:

  • Minnie Mouse will move into the World Showcase Gazebo.
  • Daisy Duck will move to The American Adventure.
  • While new locations are being developed for Mickey Mouse and Goofy, they will temporarily appear in Innoventions West.
  • In the near future, Mickey Mouse will move to an all-new location in the Imagination! Pavilion.
  • Goofy will venture out into the park—and soon will find a new home.
  • Joy will move soon too—to a joyous new home.
  • Winnie the Pooh will greet Guests at Christopher Robin’s bedroom in the United Kingdom Pavilion beginning in September 2019!