Epcot’s Flavors of Club Cool Debuts Guarana Kuat, Inca Kola & Five Other Sodas Today


    As reported in our rumor, Club Cool received new flavors today. The bitter "Beverly" from Italy remains, as does Vegita Beta from Japan. The flavors mentioned on the blog are as follows:

    • Fanta – Fanta debuted in Europe in the 1940s and was introduced in the U.S.A. in 1960s. It’s now available in more than 90 flavors.
    • VegitaBeta – This Japanese beverage combines apricot and passion fruit flavors.
    • Fanta (Melon Frosty) – This melon-flavored soda is number one in Thailand.
    • Bibo – This fruit-flavored juice drink originates from South Africa.
    • Sparberry – This raspberry cream-flavored soda has been a favorite in Africa since 1955.
    • Guarana Kuat – This drink, flavored after the guarana berry, is popular in Brazil.
    • Inca Kola – This Peruvian favorite offers a sweet, almost bubblegum-like taste.