Project Tomorrow

Interactive Game
A - Diversion


Project Tomorrow is the interactive post show area for Spaceship Earth where guests are tasked with “Inventing the Wonders of the Future”. Games include Super Driver, Power City, Body Builder and Innervision.

Guests can also send out their videos from the future to themselves via e-mail. These are the videos that were captured while riding Spaceship Earth.


Details of each of the games can be found below:

Super Driver

Super Driver is a driving simulator game through the highway of the future.

The text reads:

Answers on the Highway to the Future
In the future every driver will feel like a super driver! With Siemens forward-thinking traffic-management technologies and cars that feature state-of-the-art computing systems, driving will be safer, more efficient, and more fun than we ever dreamed possible

Imagine the day your car can…
…Be automatically guided to the driving route that’s fastest, safest, and most environmentally friendly.
…Recognize changes in traffic conditions and re-route your journey to keep you moving.
…Located a public transportation station, while you access schedules and purchase tickets.
…Find a parking garage, reserve a space and guide you there.
…Book a plane or train reservation while in route – even check your bags.
That day is here!

Fully equipped for the future
Voice-recognition software for hands-free operation
Heads-up display for monitoring speed and other info
Downloadable movies for rear-seat enjoyment
Blind-spot detection, adaptive cruise control, and night-vision aids
180-degree view via external cameras
Sensors to control temperature and audio
Touchpads for automatic command

Power City

Power City is a shuffleboard type game that focuses on energy production and usage. Guests move, power discs to appropriate spaces on the game platform.

The text reads:

Big answers for mega cities
By 2030, an estimated 61 percent of the world’s population will live in cities, putting a huge strain on a vital resource we depend on every day but usually take for granted… power. In cities with tens of millions of residents, even a few hot summer days could mean a blackout!

A “smart” and sustainable future
Siemens is developing more energy sources to meet the power needs of our cities, while also helping to preserve the environment. These include highly efficient power plants that run on natural gas, emission-free wind turbines, solar power plants, gasification technologies that turn coal into a cleaner-burning fuel source, and efficiency improvements for older plants to produce more power with the same fuel or less.

Siemens is also working on “intelligent” and highly efficient power grids that can move power around cities depending on who needs it the most, when, and for how long – all while using fewer resources. And in doing so, they are helping to create more sustainable cities for generations to come.

Powerful Technology

  • Wind power turbines and solar power plants that harness energy from the wind and sun
  • “Zero carbon” power plants that capture CO2 emissions
  • Power plants with eco-friendly power technology that helps maximize the output and emissions of existing conventional plants.
  • Clean coal technologies to use this abundant energy source in an environmentally compatible way.
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulbs that use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs

Body Builder

Body Builder is a 3D game where guests construct skeletons of the human body.

The text reads:

Answers for building healthier bodies
Do you live in Timbuktu? No problem! In the future doctors will be able to diagnose, treat and perform medical procedures from afar and customize treatment based on a patient’s genetic profile.

It’s getting personal
Doctors everywhere will soon have access to an array of digital tools and genetic information to further personalize medical care. Implanted sensors, individual medical history chips and automated self-monitoring devices will aid-doctors and patients in managing medical conditions. Caregivers will be able to remotely review medical information, and with remote-controlled “robotic doctors,” patients could benefit from the latest surgical techniques, no matter where they live!

Inside the doctor’s bag of the future

  • An electronic wand to read implanted medical history chips
  • A specialized tool to read the patient’s genetic profile
  • A pen-sized ultrasound system to listen to your heart
  • Patient sensors and self-monitoring tools
  • A hand-held device for audio-visual communications
  • Joystick controls for remote surgery


Innervision is a memory game where guests try to predict health issues before they happen.

The text reads:

Answers that predict the future of medicine
What if doctors could “predict the future”? What if they could see disease before you feel sick? It’s possible! Not only will doctors be able to map your genetic make-up to create personalized “prevention plans,” they will be able to monitor potential problems with the most advanced imaging technology.

A picture of health that is more than skin-deep
In the future, high-resolution imaging systems will be able to scan for medical problems – or potential problems – down to the molecular level. That’s 1/1,000,000 the size of a needle point! Powerful, non-invasive tomography will gather images of multiple cross-sections of the body, while intelligent analysis software will alert doctors to suspicious areas.

Thanks to Siemens research today… tomorrow you will be as familiar with the inside of your body as you are with the outside!

Check out the check-up of the future

  • High-powered non-invasive tomography that can scan the body to the molecular level
  • Electronic, on-line patient files for instant consultations with specialists
  • Advanced diagnostic software
  • Injectable “nano” solutions that can cause abnormal cells to fluoresce
  • Implanted “bio-chips” that can monitor, or even boost, body systems
  • Personal, custom-made medications mixed in automated labs
  • Advanced computer simulations
  • Robotic nurse assistants